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 You don’t know what you want, but it sure as hell isn’t the job you have.


Careergasm Crash Course is a FREE 5-week course to help you get clear on what you want so you can move towards feel-good work.


Because how can you follow your dreams if you don’t know what they are?


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  • You are so sick of not knowing what you want. You just want to get a goddamn handle on this career thing, already.
  • Your current job has you bored to tears. You don’t give a shit and you’re getting sick of feeling that way. OR…
  • You’ve just fucking HAD IT. You are one bad Monday away from flipping your desk, throat punching your boss, and setting the building on fire (not recommended).
  • You think, Shouldn’t I have figured this out by now?! You’re starting to wonder if there’s something wrong with you. (There isn’t, btw. Lots of people have this problem, and I’m here to help.)
  • All of the career navigation stuff you’ve already tried is a total snoozefest. Isn’t it possible to do this in a way that feels good and is even a little bit fun? Answer: Yes. That’s just what we’re going to do.


Careergasm Crash Course is your ticket to feel-good work. 
Career clarity in a cinch. 
(and it’s so much fun you’ll feel like you’re getting away with skipping calculus)



Every week you’ll get a delightful little packet of interactive goodies – a juicy, brain-tickling booklet to get you thinking about what’s next for you and how to get out of your own way. Think of it as a bunch of cheat sheets for career clarity.

Oh, and did I mention it’s totally FREE?! #WIN



love hate WEEK 1 – Love / Hate

You don’t know what you want, but I bet you could eeeeeasily list some of the work stuff you hate. Amiright?

Believe it or not, articulating exactly what you hate is a really good place to start finding your way to feel-good work. We’re going to get clear – crystal clear – on what you hate, and then we’re going to spin that shiz into career navigation gold. We’ll come up with some big dreamy lists of ingredients that will make your work feel as good as a piece of double-chocolate cake / taco night / Sunday brunch / (insert your fav foodie pleasure here). Dig in.

the right stuffWEEK 2 – The Right Stuff

Know why you haven’t been able to nail down your ideal career yet? Because you’re not quite sure what it looks like. Which is kind of like conducting a search party with a blindfold on. That’s about to change. Pronto.

We’ll forget about job titles and work tasks for a minute and think about your ideal work conditions instead – the stuff you need to feel good about your day-to-day work. We’re talking physical environment, schedule, level of interaction, and even stuff like your preference for digital vs. analog, novelty vs. routine, and structure vs. flexibility. Because if you’re going to make some changes in your career you better make sure your next move includes the right stuff.

skills are for suckersWEEK 3 – Skills Are For Suckers

There are  ton of people out there slogging away at shit they hate because they happen to be good at it. Don’t be one of those guys. You’ve got enough skills and talents and interests that you don’t need to be doing work that cripples your soul.

We’re going to take a look at your skills and talents to see which ones will lead the way to a happy career (aka – the ones that feel like a get out of jail free card), and which ones will land you back in the dungeon. Because a successful, feel-good career isn’t just about skills; it’s also about what you want.

hot and coldWEEK 4 – Hot & Cold

You’ve got career advice coming at you from every possible direction – your dad, your partner, your BFF, and your grandma’s dog. Overwhelmed yet? Of course you are.

We’re going to get really still and really quiet and decide what to do with all of that (mostly unsolicited) career advice. And we’re going to treat it like a game of hot and cold until you find something that is juuuuust right.


make a plan stanWEEK 5 – Make A Plan, Stan

Make a plan?! But I don’t even know exactly what I want yet! *breathes into paper bag*

Easy there, Tiger. Nobody is going to make you jump before you’re ready. This isn’t about jumping without a net. This is about making a plan for what’s next no matter where you are in the process.

We’ll draw a little map that will help you get to your next destination, even if some of the road signs along the way are still fuzzy. Pack your sense of adventure and a week’s worth of fundies. Road trip!





I’m Sarah Vermunt, the gal behind Careergasm Crash Course. I’m all about helping people find their way to feel-good work. Me and my work have been featured at ForbesHuff PostEntrepreneur, Inc., Fortune, Financial Times, Tech Vibes, Flare, Toronto Star, The Globe and Mail, and lots of other cool places.

I also know what it’s like to feel stuck and (more importantly) get un-stuck. A bit about my own winding career path:

* After graduation I snagged a job in a totally unrelated field. Nailed it.

* I quit a stable gig with awesome pay, benefits, and pension to take a chance on something new.

* I quit my PhD after 4 years and 93 pages into my dissertation. Ballsy.

* I left a six-figure career track to take a risk on building my own biz. Spoiler alert: It paid off.

Through all of this I’ve been scared shitless, but did it anyway. You can too.



Careergasm Crash Course will help you…

Move from I don’t know to Fuck yeah, let’s DO this!
Start taking action instead of just thinking (and thinking and thinking) about it.
Get unstuck and find your way to feel-good work. Finally!


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